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Wednesday, 13 April 2024

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 December 2024 )
Newsflash 1
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Tuesday, 25 April 2024


So, here we are again under new Management.
From O.00 CET Gameforge german Homepage is the new owner of

I did a small, quick  interview with Klaas Kersting the CEO of Gameforge
you can find it on the official Ryzom Forums or on the
Onlinewelten Ryzom Site that I adminster.

Enjoy :)
And welcome Gameforge!



(download win-rar here)

Our first Video from CHO is Online.

The Nighthawks show us a bit of their gameplay.


Misugi lets us ride on her shoulder in the midst

of a heated Outpost Battle of Fallen Angels vs. Les Rôdeurs d´Atys


Nadje declares her love for Atys despite the

cold wind blowing


A New Karavan-Broadcast Video by me.


A french report about R² and Ryzom by NextGen TV


And Songes Guild

is recruiting :D


Songe from Aniro grants us

a glimpse at "frozen Worlds"


Emas newest, beatiful as ever.

Under the Canopy


Radio SoR Link added


!! The Halloween Special is upon us !!


I´ve added a Link for direct Game-Trail download

to the Downloads section.


Tiapiri from Aniro made an interesting Magicians Video


Ehliuh from Aniro

produced a nice Video about their Alliance

Le Triat


Cian has set up a cool french Ryzom-Toolbar for Firefox.

Including Radio Function!!

Download it here
Maybe I can get her to rebuild it in english and german?! ;)


Over mysterious ways I´ve come into possession of footage

of Pyrs Tavern Night on Leanon.

Auf verschlungenen Wegen hat mich ein altes Video aus Collix Taverne erreicht. 

Derzeit trifft man sich Montags ab 20 Uhr in Pyr.


Nendra has developed a very good Fashion Guide for Atys.

A must have for German Players!

(Nendras kleiner Modeführer. Einfach nur cool :D)


Just added a Two-Part Stream SoR Tutorial by BlackEye.

As of now only in German, sorry.


The Handbook for R² is now avaliable in

English - Deutsch - Francais


SAM (Acridiel)

Last Updated ( Sunday, 31 December 2024 )